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Our courses are conceptualized for business owners and future business owners.

In business, it is important to stay current and relevant to continue to own or build a business that supports your lifestyle. For that reason, many of the courses offered are recommended for new and experienced business owners as well as future business owners.

Click the logo or the home page menu item at the top of your screen. Choose a course and click on the blue ribbon below the picture.  If you are enrolled and signed in, you will be taken to the course.
If you are not enrolled, you will see an option to enroll at the top of the page (blue button).
If you are not signed in please see the next FAQ “Why Am I Not Getting Immediate Access to My Course?”

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There are no prerequisites for any of our courses.

At the moment, all courses are in English. You do have the option to download a transcript of the video lessons which you can then run through a translation program.

We do recomend that once you start a course you follow through to the end before starting another course.  

However, you can take as many courses at the same time as you would like.

If a course has an expiration date, or limitations on access rights, it will be prominently displayed on the course description page.

If your course access has expired and you need to extend your access time, please contact us with the form on this page.

Please contact us with the contact form on this page.

Online learning allows you to complete lessons, take quizzes, download coursework, and submit assignments from anywhere at any time. There is no need to download any software, as it is completely web based and works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices.